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              The President of Sunon Electric Machine Visits Sankyo Precision
              Time: 2012-06-08
                      On Jun 8, the President of Sunon Electric Machine Industry Company Limited Hong Yinshu visited Sankyo with his wife. President Wang gave a warm reception to the guests.
                      Sunon is a listed company in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1980, Sunon has marketed its products all over the world. It is a leading company in cooling fans. The subsidiaries and branches of Sunon, which located in USA, France, Germany, Japan, and China, form a closely-knit sale and manufacturing networks.
                       The group visited the two plants of Sankyo in Huihuan and Songshan. In the course, a presentation was done on housings of the latest motor and technological processes of some parts of Sankyo.
                      Since 2011, Sankyo has been developing bearing housings of high speed fans. With the adoption of new technology and craft, it has been quite successful in raising the performance and reliability of fan products, and reducing the cost enormously. Sunon and Sankyo have a broad prospect in the aspect of high speed fan components.

                      (Left to right: GM Wong of Sunon, President Wang, President Hong and his wife.)

               (resident Wang(left) and President Hong )

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