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              Tel: +86 0752-5303365

              Home > Products > Non-standard automation equipment > Non-standard automation equipment

              Wire industry
              We have developed a variety of automatic wire processing equipment for our clients which has multiple stations including wire stripping, tin, playing terminals , installing connectors, visual detection , etc. Full-automatic electric appliance with a combined power cord flexible assembly line is a industry initiative.
              Ceramic industry
              Our company transforms traditional ceramic industry machinery production patterns through a variety of intelligent ways , formed a variety of solutions of unmanned workshop
              LED industry
              Our company has developed many kinds of LED.
              Packaging industry
              Up to now, our packaging business has involved in automatic phone, automatic paste box machine, automatic paper machine, automatic box gluing machine, etc. These machines belong to innovation model, with a number of invention patents and scientific research achievements, has done many sets of application cases.
              Chip packaging industry
              Chip Packaging Industry Relates to solid crystal machine, chip picking classification machine, adhesive machine and many other kinds of chip packaging equipment.
              Mobile phone industry
              Currently, the mobile phone business involves full-automatic flexible mobile phone film production line, full-automatic production line for mobile phone battery, a variety of mobile phone assembly robot, with dozens of patents of invention and scientific research achievements, providing stable automation solutions for the world-renowned mobile phone manufacturing companies.
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