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              Tel: +86 0752-5303365

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                The industrial automation philosophy of precision, flexibility and complete system as raised by the Company is to conduct the precision positioning of targeted processing parts of different specifications by using the adjustable precision moulds or precision governance tools, and when necessary, using the robots under control of vision identification system and other sensors, and to put them into the CNC for processing and assembly, and to systematically integrate such manufacturing units through piece-end stream lines, in order to achieve the fully-automatic production.

              Equipment Development Procedures

                     The Company is capable of developing automatic industrial equipment with a 40-position production line within six months according to the customers’ needs.

              Introduction of Development Team

                The Company has solid technology forces, improved manufacturing systems and excellent QC systems in place, and has approx. 200 professionals with a doctorate, master’s or bachelor’s degree, including 60 persons engaged in R&D.

              Product Structure
              Products Demonstration
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