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              Tel: +86 0752-5303365
              About Us

              Home> About Us >Company MilestonesCompany Milestones

              In Nov. 2001, the Company was incorporated.

              In Nov. 2002, the Company established the cooperation relationship with LG Innotek.

              In March 2003, the Company passed the SONY’s GREEN PARTNERl System certification.

              In Oct. 2005, the Company passed the ISO9000 quality assurance system and ISO14001 environment system.

              In Aug, 2007, the electromagnetic pump, a kind of electromagnetic product, was introduced to the market.

              In Sept. 2009, the Company established the strategic alliance with South China University of Technology.

              In April 2010, the Industrial Automation Strategy Development Center was established.

              In Dec. 2010, the Company was approved to be the Hi-tech Enterprise.

              In Dec. 2011, the Songshan Site was set up.

              In December 2012, full-automatic assembly line was officially launched.

              In July 2013,Sankyo was selectedin Huizhou’s key support intelligent equipment and manufacturing enterprises.

              In January 2014, Sankyo’s  automation team was awarded the "Entrepreneurial New Team Award".

              In April 2014, Sankyo’s sharp transition from automation to intelligent automation.

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